Playing Games

Vacation. A break from the norm. Time to step off the fast train of daily life and onto a slower path.

Despite the allure of sitting around and do nothing on said vacation, I still need to move. I still need to get out there everyday and do something. It’s simply who I am. Part of my nature. It could be as short as 2 miles, or 30 minutes, or maybe even longer some days,  but there really isn’t a set structure or training plan that I follow. My only “rule” is that I get out there and move.

So, I play games. Say, its just for time,  I might walk for 10 – 20 minutes and then begin running slowly building up to an easy pace for the duration I set for the day. Another option might be to alternate running 5 minutes with 5 minutes of walking for the duration of time or maybe even distance if I choose.  Since speed is not something I am concerned with during this block of time, I might walk the first 10 or 12 minutes of a mile and then run the rest, walking again when the mile marker on the Garmin chirps at me. Another favorite is to walk the first .90 of a mile and then run the final tenth. From there it becomes a game of walking .10 of a mile less each mile and running a .10 more.

The point of it during this vacation or in reality of any running is to just have fun. Unstructured, just getting out there and moving forward. I still get to feel the fresh air and the movement of my feet, but without the confines of a structured training plan. Those days will come soon enough, but for right now, it goes back to the days when there was no training plan. As a kid, you ran when you felt like it, walked when you needed and repeated as often as necessary. You played games.


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