The Power of One

With the family away in Europe until I am done with my service as principal for the school year and I am able to join them,  I have been taken the time to engage in an experiment of one.

The power of one is my mini experiment in minimalism. By definition, minimalism is the reduction of only using what is absolutely necessary. Shedding the over consumption and use of multiple items which for a family of four, like mine, means multiple loads of dishes and laundry per week, I have limited myself to just focus on the aspect of food for this week and have given myself the ability to only use the following items to eat and drink with all week.

Here is what I allowed myself to use:

  • One bowl
  • One spoon
  • One fork
  • One knife
  • One pairing knife (for slicing fruit, vegetables as needed)
  • One coffee mug
  • One glass
  • One pan
  • One traveler coffee mug

The idea was simple. After each meal, wash the dishes used, let air dry and then re use again for the next meal. No need to load the dishwasher.

What did I learn? For starters, I certainly had to be more mindful at the end of each meal making sure that I either washed the dishes, or if I got lazy, and a couple of days I did, that I cleaned them before starting again. I didn’t allow myself the option of throwing the used items in the dishwasher and just grabbing another.

The older I get, the more I see a need for less. That I, we, often work to hard to buy things that we think we really need, but when the shine is gone, is simply another object. I also found there was immense power in only having one choice. Only one bowl, only one cup, etc. It limited distractions. Made deciding easier. When one is all you have, that’s what you choose.

This experiment reminds me of the idea of simply sometimes just getting out and running one mile. Maybe because of the time, events, or simply just how you feel, there is something about just getting out the door and running a mile. If you get to the end of the mile and you want to run more, great, keep moving forward. If not, then you can simply be done.

The power of one.


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